Libraries. Churches. College Campus Facilities. Schools. Courthouses. Town Halls. Senior Centers.

…How do you design buildings with purpose and beauty, sustainability and suitability for the people who will use them?

We believe that great architecture is about more than harmony of form and function. It’s about more than thoughtful design and close collaboration with clients – which are crucial.

It is a relationship with communities – seniors and children, parents and students, librarians and readers, policemen and politicians. They make a building what it is. Not us.

Since 1996, Johnson Roberts Associates has earned a reputation for architecture that reinforces the sense of place of the community it serves. We strive to create buildings that are appropriate to the context they serve and the people who use them.

Our diverse portfolio includes public libraries, town offices, public safety facilities, court facilities, public and private schools, college and university facilities, churches, and historic preservation and restoration projects.

Give us a call. We’d love to tell you more about what makes us tick. In the meantime, you’ll get a pretty good idea here. From the Concord Free Public Library to the COMM Fire Rescue Station, Tufts University Interfaith Center and yes, even birdhouses — we design architecture for the people who use it.



Johnson Roberts Associates has earned a reputation for architecture that reinforces the sense of place of the community it serves.
We strive to create a building that is appropriate to the context it inhabits and the community it belongs to.

Master Planning

Johnson Roberts Associates has provided master-planning services to numerous academic, institutional and municipal clients.


Johnson Roberts Associates has assisted dozens of communities and institutions with the evaluation of their space needs,
the determination of the most feasible options for reuse of existing spaces, expansion of existing buildings, and identification of options for new construction.


Johnson Roberts Associates believes that Interior design is integral to the design of the architecture of a project. Interior design concepts are considered from the beginning of every project.

Recent projects have included custom furnishings that reflect the architecture of the building and enhance the intended function of the space.


We at Johnson Roberts Associates love the opportunity to restore and preserve historic buildings for future generations.

The firm has experience in the preservation and restoration of a wide variety of building types including wood frame, brick, and stone structures.

Our work has been recognized for design excellence by the Massachusetts Historical Commission.


Johnson Roberts Associates has a long history of sustainable design practices and is committed to the design of environmentally responsible buildings. In the 1970s, Stewart Roberts, Principal, participated in the design of many photovoltaic, active and passive solar designs. Today, half of our staff is LEED Professionals and the firm has three completed projects that have received LEED Silver certification, and .


Our staffing needs do change from time to time, so we encourage interested architecture professionals to send us qualifications and contact information.