John Bapst Memorial High School

Bangor, Maine

John Bapst Memorial High School (JBMHS) is an independent boarding and day school in Bangor, Maine. The school is home to approximately 500 grades 9-12 students from over 30 different regional communities. Additionally, in the last 10 years, international students from over 16 countries have joined the JBMHS community. In 2014, Bapst introduced it’s Distinguished Scholars Program in which students have the option to choose an area for intensive study (in STEM, Global Studies, or Fine and Performing Arts).

Mr. Davis has assisted JBMHS with their facility visioning, planning, programming, and re-vitalization needs since summer 2008. Representative projects include:

2008 – current: Planning / Master Planning

2008: Fine Arts Rehabilitation

2010: Dorms for the new International Boarding Program

2011: Science Lab Renovations

2015: New Student Center, New Fitness Center, Auditorium Upgrades

Dorms: In order to provide residential facilities for the newly established international boarding program, JBMHS converted two adjacent historically significant buildings into dorms. Originally purposed for business use, renovation and repurposing of the buildings created residential space for approximately 40 students. Following successful permitting with the local regulatory boards (including the Historic District Commission), major work included life safety upgrades, new fire suppression systems, new toilet/shower facilities, and comprehensive accessibility modifications.

Science Lab: Maintaining the historical setting of academic offerings is a priority for JBMHS. To this end, updates to the chemistry lab included modification/retrofitting of the original casework with current fixtures and equipment to ensure safety and HC compliance.

Auditorium Upgrades/Student Center/Fitness Center: Johnson Roberts Associates is working with the JBMHS to rehabilitate their historically significant auditorium. Additionally, the team is rehabilitating a space for the new dining commons / student center as well as creating a stand-alone fitness center.