Johnson Roberts Associates Presents at ABX

Alongside Boston Fire Chief Joseph Mayo and Boston Facilities Project Manager Scott Dupree, Johnson Roberts Associates Principal Jeff Davis held a Health Firehouse Design workshop at ABX 2019. The workshop focused on the potential causes of occupational cancer among firefighters, the rationale and procedures for the industrial cleaning of firehouses, the process of developing the firehouse design guidelines, and the basic components of the guidelines themselves. 

Since 1990, 190 Boston firefighters have succumbed to occupational cancer, one of the leading causes of death among firefighters. To combat this problem, the Boston Fire Department has implemented new practices to mitigate prolonged exposure to carcinogenic toxins, particularly within the firehouses themselves. Some of these practices involve the renovation and/or industrial cleaning of Boston’s aging firehouses to reduce contaminants that have accumulated over time. Other practices involve the replacement of existing firehouses. The City has developed Design Guidelines for new firehouses for that prioritize the environmental containment of carcinogens.