J. Stewart Roberts

Stewart Roberts


J. Stewart Roberts, AIA, is the founding principal of Johnson Roberts Associates and brings over 35 years of architectural experience in both the public and private sector.

Mr. Roberts grew up in the Midwest. As the son of a building contractor he grew up around construction sites and developed a love of making things and construction. He first came to Massachusetts to attend MIT in 1971. Thinking he would go into chemistry, he soon discovered that the subjects that most interested him were architecture and design. He received his Bachelor of Science in Art and Design at MIT in 1975 and continued on to receive his Master of Architecture from MIT in 1978.

Mr. Roberts has been involved in the design of over 100 public library facilities over the past 29 years. He continues his interest in library design with his involvement on all of the firm’s library projects. Mr. Roberts founded Library:NEXT, a library visioning roundtable, to examine the future role of libraries.

At Johnson Roberts Associates, in addition to libraries, Mr. Roberts has had a leadership role in the design of town halls, police and fire stations, religious facilities, and historic preservation.

Mr. Roberts maintains an interest in architectural history, studying architecture of the 19th and 20th century and lecturing to various civic groups. His interest in historic architecture has led to his involvement in the preservation and restoration of many culturally significant buildings.

Philip O'Brien, LEED AP

Philip O’Brien


Philip O’Brien brings passion to his projects for effective design, for the collaborative thought process, and for sensitive, achievable solutions. He has particular expertise in public library and municipal facilities design, and is also experienced in historic restoration and the adaptive reuse of historic structures. Since Mr. O’Brien joined Johnson Roberts Associates in 1997, he has held a leadership role in a wide variety of public and private projects.

Mr. O’Brien came to architecture through an early interest in construction and a wish to make things. He has a history in carpentry and masonry construction and chose Wentworth Institute of Technology for its hands-on, technical approach to designing buildings. These experiences have made him a leader in technical and constructability issues in building design.

Mr. O’Brien is a specifications writer and is experienced in programming, planning, and building fabric analysis. He is particularly knowledgeable of the requirements of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 149, governing public construction Massachusetts.

Mr. O’Brien is also the author of The Project Handbook, an in-house published guide, that Johnson Roberts Associates uses to help clients navigate the processes of a building project, from design through to construction. He also keeps a blog about the books he is reading and his thoughts on the future of public libraries.


Jeff Davis


Jeffrey R. Davis, AIA, Principal, has over 30 years of experience in the programming, planning, master planning, design, and construction of educational facilities. He joined Johnson Roberts Associates in November 2013 and has enjoyed a longstanding friendship and working relationship with J. Stewart Roberts, the founding partner of Johnson Roberts Associates.

Jeff and Stew previously worked together from 1988 – 1996 at the Boston architectural firm Tappé Associates, Inc., where they both served as Senior Associates and were actively involved in the overall management of the Firm. When Mr. Roberts departed the firm in 1996 (to found Johnson Roberts Associates), Jeff continued his design and leadership activities at Tappé for the next 12 years, eventually becoming it’s President and CEO. During his 20-year tenure at Tappé, Jeff successfully led planning and design efforts with over 20 grades PK-12 educational communities in Massachusetts. These efforts resulted in the rehabilitation, expansion, and new construction of more than 25 public school facilities.

In 2008, Mr. Davis Jeff joined WBRC Architects/Engineers, a 75-person A/E firm with offices in Portland / Bangor ME and Sarasota FL, as it’s Education Studio Director. While at WBRC, Mr. Davis led the facility review, educational programming, and master planning services for eight Maine grades PK-12 educational communities. Of particular interest, Mr. Davis is the architect-of-record of the new Hampden Academy, a 180,000-SF new public high school in Hampden, ME (Hampden Academy is one of most innovative public educational facilities in northern New England through it’s use of sustainable features, multi-use academic and community program areas, incorporation of educational technology – all of which were ‘visioned’ through a community-based pre-design process).

Natalie Eringros


Natalie Eringros brings over 15 years of architectural and planning experience in both the public and private sector in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Illinois.

Since joining Johnson Roberts Associates in the fall of 2001, Ms. Eringros has focused on planning, design and construction administration of private and municipal projects, including libraries, town halls, safety buildings, schools, and residences. She has also been actively involved in sustainable design, historic preservation, and interior design.

Prior to joining Johnson Roberts Associates, Natalie Eringros was a designer at George Anderson Architects in Pittsburgh where she worked on residential, institutional, and educational projects.

Ms. Eringros grew up in Lithuania and attended architecture school in Moscow, receiving Architecture Degree in 1995.

She has also worked as a graphic designer for exhibits in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Michael Bellefeuille, AIA, LEED GA

Michael Bellefeuille


Michael Bellefeuille joined Johnson Roberts Associates in the spring of 2014. He previously worked as an architectural designer for Adolfo Perez Architect, focusing primarily on residential work. He has a Master’s from Wenworth Institute of Technology, where he also received his undergraduate degree.

Michael is experienced in all phases of the design and construction process, and has worked on projects ranging from single-family residences and commercial spaces, to libraries and higher education facilities. As an architectural designer at Johnson Roberts Associates, he is attentive to the details and connections that strengthen the experience of a design, and to meeting the needs of clients and communities.

Michael was twice awarded the Alfred T. Granger Fellowship by Plan New Hampshire, an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to fostering sustainable planning, design and development. He also manages LivableMHT, a website dedicated to promoting and envisioning stronger urban development patterns in his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire. He has been a panelist at the New Hampshire Planners Association’s Annual Conference, and has been a frequent guest critic at architecture student reviews at Wentworth Institute of Technology.