Library Land Article About Greenfield Public Library

This article by Library Land Project sends some love to Johnson Roberts Associates on their visit to our Greenfield Public Library project. They consistently do a great job of shining a spotlight on library design.

Here is an excerpt:

“The design is by Johnson Roberts Associates, and we have always found a lot to love in their work. The building is long and narrow, which is really what the site calls for. It’s clean, with crisp lines. The exterior is simple and elegant. The facade includes local stone and brickwork that echoes the colors of the structures on either side of the library. The second floor extends beyond the first to create a nice shady space around the front of the building. There will also be a small green space in front.

Inside, the two floors are open from front to back, with enclosed spaces along the two long sides. The staircase and elevator are both in the first third of the first floor. On the second floor, three banks of skylights add to the bright feeling of the space.”

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