Blackstone Public Library

The design of the Blackstone Public Library reflects the architectural heritage of its context in this historic mill town. In the children’s stacks, a local artist designed sculptural shelving ends with colorful animal, hot air balloon, and train motifs. Throughout the rest of the building, brick, wood, and steel create a raw interior look similar to that of an old mill. The glazing and high ceilings allow for increased daylighting and an uplifting feeling of spaciousness.

I am pleased to recommend Johnson Roberts Associates to you as a dedicated and professional architectural firm. They were the architect for the Designer Services phase of our library project. Their design assisted Blackstone in obtaining a $1.9 million dollar library construction grant.
They provided a design that more than met the restrictions and challenges of the new site that is located on our Main Street within a historic district. Their thorough understanding of libraries and how a library functions within a community resulted in a design for Blackstone’s new library that is both very beautiful as well as very efficient.”

– Mary Lou Branchaud
Chairperson, Board of Library Trustees and Library Building Committee