Building 45 Renovation

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day to take the commuter boat from Boston to Hingham, MA to take some photographs of our renovation of the DCR’s historic Building 45 in the Hingham Shipyard.
It is one of the last original buildings where ships were built during WWII.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor:
“In less than two years, Hingham transformed itself into one of the largest shipbuilding centers in the entire country. Workers were pounding out ships at a rate of over six a month. Each one was a cause of celebration.
The Navy pushed Hingham hard, demanding 60 Destroyer Escorts in 1943 alone. But, the shipyard ground out 90 – 50% more than the Navy thought possible. In August, the Navy recognized the shipyard’s hard work by awarding Hingham with an ‘E’ for Excellence, an honor usually reserved for sailors in action. On the day of the ceremony, work halted for one of the only times in the life of the shipyard.”
We are very proud that we had the opportunity to restore this piece of history.

Rear of Building 45 before renovation.