City of Cambridge – River Street Fire Station

(Engine 6) Environmental Zoning and Interior Upgrades

Johnson Roberts Associates is assisting the City of Cambridge in the development of a master plan for the updating of (6) aging fire stations. Our initial work began with the documentation of the current environmental zoning (Red / Hot – areas directly associated with response activities, Yellow / Neutral – areas associated with transitional / circulation activities, and Green / Cool – areas associated with residential activities) of the River Street station. We then developed strategies for revisions to the environmental zoning to contain carcinogenic particulates in the Red Zone (and keep the Yellow and Green Zones particulate-free) in an effort to mitigate the prolonged exposure to carcinogenic toxins.

Specific upgrades to this historically significant fire station include:

  • Thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces throughout the building.
  • Upgrades to all interior finishes.
  • Environmental gasketing at all doors which separate the response areas from the living areas.
  • The introduction of environmentally separate firefighter decontamination areas (no longer located on the apparatus bay floor).
  • Individual firefighter bunk rooms.
  • Individual firefighter shower/changing rooms.
  • New kitchen facilities.
  • New Apparatus Bay waste piping system.
  • New domestic hot water heating system (point of use).
  • New building-wide fire protection system.
  • New VRF heat recovery system with geothermal water source.
  • New ventilation throughout the building.
  • New heating/cooling throughout the building (utilizing (2) closed loop geothermal wells).
  • New building pressurization controls to ensure that all Green Zone spaces maintain a positive pressurization relative to Red Zone spaces.
  • New BMS building energy management system.
  • New electrical service.
  • New diesel power generator sized for 100% of all lighting, power, and cooling loads.
  • New LED interior and exterior light fixtures connected to an automatic lighting control system.
  • New lightning protection system.