Dracut Fire Station #3

This new station houses up to six vehicles, including an Engine, a boat, a brush truck, and a crew of three. The crew member spaces include sleeping quarters, kitchen and dining areas, and a fitness room. Building on experience working with the Boston Fire Department on their Firehouse Design Guidelines, we incorporated ‘Healthy In, Healthy Out’ firehouse standards. These standards isolate living spaces of the station from the apparatus and firefighting areas — which are susceptible to contamination from firefighting events — by creating a third, neutral zone between. This neutral zone is a buffer all personnel must pass through when traveling between the living quarters and apparatus bays.

This is the third capital project Johnson Roberts has worked on with the Dracut Permanent Building Committee.

“I would like to thank everyone for completing the dream of the Dracut Fire Department by replacing an antiquated station with this state-of-the-art facility. You didn’t just create a building, you created something far beyond. For the public, Station 3 will be a beacon of hope, a bulwark for the community against all they fear. What you’ve created for us can only be compared to the Fortress of Solitude or the Batcave (if you’ll allow me an analogy). What you don’t know is that you’ve created a masterpiece beyond what you see. You didn’t create a building; you created a living soul
– David Brouillette, Dracut Fire Chief