Georges Island Energy Conservation Measures

We have been chosen to help the DCR with a sustainability improvement project on Georges Island. This important project is one step towards the statewide goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. We’ve been committed to sustainable design since day one, and this project fits perfectly into our belief that green design is essential to the long term health of our planet and everyone/everything on it.

Georges Island is a 39-acre Boston Harbor Island Park where Fort Warren is located. Ferries transport visitors to the island from May to October. The island is off the grid; thus, all electricity is generated by a hybrid PV-battery-generator system. Electricity generated by the PV array is consumed on-site as needed. Surplus electricity is stored in batteries which is drawn down as needed. We will help the Commonwealth accommodate the Island’s popularity while curtailing fossil fuel consumption and moving toward the goal of a net-zero energy park. This project focuses on design and construction of energy conservation measures at the Maintenance Building and Generator/Battery Building to reduce energy use.