There is no question that library design and usage is constantly evolving. 

To address this ever-changing environment, Johnson Roberts Associates hosts roundtable visioning sessions (recently held remotely), which gather groups of thoughtful librarians, consultants, and designers to discuss topics relevant to this evolution, with the goal of sharing ideas, visions, and experiences that positively impact the library of today and tomorrow. 

Our recent gatherings have focused on ways of dealing with the pandemic, such as modernizing ventilation systems and providing lockers with external access for the convenience and peace-of-mind of contact-less book pick up or drop off. We are continually working with our team of experienced engineers to develop cutting-edge best practices to insure the safety of the book-loving public.

Below is an overview of the Library:NEXT meeting from July 2020, which dealt with pandemic-related issues such as proper ventilation, as well as Facilities and Furnishings and Services.