Maine Central Institute*

Founded in 1866, Maine Central Institute (in Pittsfield, Maine) is one of the oldest schools in the state. The school has approximately 450 students across grades 9-12 and provides housing for 140 residential-life students. Additionally, MCI houses the Bossov Ballet Theatre, an international pre-professional ballet school that operates within the school’s academic offerings. The campus infrastructure includes ten academic / athletic / administrative buildings and five residential-life buildings.

WBRC’s scope of work focused on the development of an academic, facilities, and overall campus master plan for all non-residential life functions. This master plan included a multiple-facility and site-existing conditions analysis, enrollment confirmation, pre-design internal visioning, educational programming, A/E schematic design services for four capital projects, and the creation of fundraising images.

*Jeffrey Davis, AIA, directed this project for WBRC Architects/Engineering, Inc., Portland/Bangor, Maine