Northern Essex Community College

NECC Library Classroom

Johnson Roberts Associates has been providing Northern Essex Community College with House Doctor services since 2013. Over that time, we have successfully collaborated on many projects including:

  • NECC Building B & E Swing Space Classrooms
    Renovation of underutilized space on the lower level of the interconnected Buildings B&E to create four new classrooms, a conference room, and a reprographics rooms. Because the lower level spaces are below grade, it was critical that the new spaces be dynamic and welcoming for students, faculty and staff despite the lack of natural light. Another design constraint was the low height of the existing ceiling structure, requiring a creative and deliberate treatment of the ceilings and soffits to conceal the new HVAC system.
  • Allied Health Imaging lab renovation
  • Large library renovation
  • Campus center bookstore renovation
  • Cooling tower renovation/addition
Building A Library