Phil is a Finalist

JRA Principal Phil O’Brien’s futuristic, conceptual drawing “Pinnacle at White Hill” has been chosen as one of 100 Finalists for the 2020 One Drawing Challenge! It was recognized as one of the best examples of architectural storytelling among this year’s amazing entries.

Here’s Phil’s description of the piece: “‘Pinnacle at White Hill’ illustrates a self-contained, covered city at time when the Earth’s atmosphere has been degraded to the point that life in the natural environment is no longer sustainable. The caramel sky and red-brown earth visible beyond the protective film of the city cover tells the story of an environmental disaster out of control.

The central portion of the city is free from vertical supports with the exception of the Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is at once the center support for the dome’s superstructure, the focal point of the city, and the seat of city governance and management. Planning and zoning is evident in the layout of the public ways, parks, artificial waterways, and building limits. Green space dominates the city and is used as the organizing principal in the layout of White Hill, where recycling and reuse–including air, food and water–is required to survive.”