We work closely with our clients to make sure they understand each step we take on the path to a successful outcome — and we greatly appreciate their valuable input. Every project is unique, but we've learned some very important, reusable lessons in our 25+ years of architectural design, planning and construction.

Design for Community

Careful planning and community involvement are keys to success.
Throughout the design process we collaborate closely with our clients, and the communities they serve, to sort out the complex issues related to their unique needs.

To get the ball rolling, we lead a series of visioning sessions with the stakeholder group and community members to gain a thorough understanding of specific goals and concerns. Initially focusing on the issues surrounding space needs and adjacencies, work flows, growth needs, accessibility, parking, traffic, biking, pedestrian access, and overall site safety, unforeseen problems are identified and addressed through the development of targeted design strategies.

Leicester Public School, Visioning Session

Modeling & Visualization

3D computer modeling helps both us and our clients explore design options more thoroughly. And, early in the process, we develop exterior massing models to help visualize the proposed design on the site. As the design develops, we create models of the building’s interior to analyze the use of space and plan for details such as storage, accessibility and furnishings. We also create virtual reality presentations (flythroughs), which allow our clients to ‘step inside’ and visualize potential design outcomes through immersive 3D tours.

Building Support & Fundraising

Our work is often presented at public meetings, including town hall meetings and special public hearings, to demonstrate the benefits of proposed plans to the public. Through slides, boards, and video, we give communities a vision of what is possible and help clients generate excitement and support.

Johnson Roberts will often assist clients, even after our initial contract is completed, with fundraising campaigns. And we’ll provide informative brochures, additional public appearances, and helpful advice to advance a project to its next phase.

Hadley Public Library Groundbreaking

On-time & On-budget

Our clients greatly appreciate our cost control and schedule adherence record. Our projects commonly come in under budget, with an average non-owner-initiated change order percentage of below 1%. We also have a near-perfect record for on-time completion of projects. We know your time and money are precious and limited, so we take every step available to ensure none of either is wasted.

A Team of Experts

...specifically chosen for each project

The engineers and consultants we work with are chosen for their abilities to handle each project’s specific needs and challenges. Some we have worked with for a very long time, while others are recent connections, but all are experts in their field who have proven records of reliability and creative problem solving.

Learn more on our Consultants page.


Diversity is another factor we consider when assembling our team of consultants and engineers because including a wide range of individuals adds to the successful outcome of every project. We work with many women- and minority-owned firms. We are committed to an inclusive workforce that represents many different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints because we know it only makes us stronger.


From reviewing siting, massing, and building systems at the conceptual phase to carefully specifying materials with low embodied carbon, sustainability is interwoven into all aspects of our work. We use LEED Silver as a basis for design standards, regardless of whether a project will be submitted for LEED certification.

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