Reuben Hoar Library Being Bid

The Reuben Hoar Library, in Littleton, Massachusetts is currently being bid, with construction scheduled to begin in June of this year and take 14 to 16 months to complete. The new, two-story, 23,000-SF facility will replace the existing building, housed in a former school building. The proposed building will be built on a sloped site behind the current town hall, senior center, and library building, adjacent to a ball field and take advantage of shared parking facilities.

The building is planned to achieve LEED Certification, and take advantage of the sloped site to provide two stories in the visual space of a single-story building by tucking the lower floor into the slope. The Town of Littleton has teamed with Johnson Roberts for design, the Vertex Companies for project management, and Commodore Builders as construction managers.

Littleton Public Library