Town of Brookline – Fire Station Environmental Upgrades

The Town of Brookline is currently working on a town-wide master plan to rehabilitate it’s (5) existing fire stations. In an effort to control the infiltration of fire event carcinogens into non-response areas of their fire stations, they have asked the GGD/JRA team for assistance. As such, we originally asked to document the current environmental zoning (Red (hot – areas associated with response activities), Grey (neutral – areas associated with transitional/circulation activities), Green (cold – areas associated with residential/business uses) of the fire stations and make recommendations for improvements. 

Following a series of meetings with senior Town and BFD personnel, a simple ‘kit of parts’ (including the introduction of supplemental air exhaust / supply infrastructure, re-locating use areas, the installation of doors between use areas, the installation of environmental door gasketing, and new partitions) was developed for implementation.

Working as a subconsultant to Garcia Galuska DeSousa, Inc., JRA’s tasks included:

  • Existing conditions confirmation – layout and use.
  • Existing conditions confirmation – environmental adjacencies.
  • Visioning session with Town and Fire Department leadership regarding potential revisions to programmed activities and spaces.
  • Proposed revisions required for improved environmental adjacencies.
  • Potential costing associated with proposed revisions.

Utilizing the costing information developed for the first (2) fire stations (Stations 1 & 5), the project team was able to interpolate the unit costs and apply them to the renovations to the remaining fire stations. 

The Town has recently asked for assistance in developing facility guidelines for the implementation of separate sleeping and toilet facilities for female and male firefighters.